Welcome to iMagicSho, the next in the iMagic OS line. Based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, running the latest KDE 4.4, and utilizing the new, more powerful powerful Ext4 filesystem, iMagicSho is based on bleeding edge technology; a fully loaded, powerful computer operating system. Lets take a look at whats new.


iMagicSho comes with a bright new KDE 4.4 interface built in with Plasma; a new tool that lets you download and use dozens of free widgets right from your desktop. KDE 4.4 also comes with a powerful new menu that makes it easy to find your programs; no more shuffling through menus, just type a name. As usual, iMagicSho comes with 3D desktop compositing effects including a desktop cube, flip 3D window management, a genie minimizing effect, and transparent windows. Lastly, iMagicSho comes with the new and colorful Oxygen icons, a brand new wallpaper, and a stunning, semi-transparent taskbar.


Now magicOnline uses a built in native installation system to make installs that much easier, yet still provide you with the power of your commercial software and easy installs; integrated with the magicOnline storehouse.

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Designed with today's computers in mind, iMagicSho has a blistering sub-30 second boot time thats hard to beat. From boot to login is just 25 seconds, slicing old iMagic OS boot times in half. Now your desktop or laptop PC can boot up into a full blown operating system almost as fast as a netbook.


iMagicSho now comes with both the new Extension 4 filesystem and technology that automatically keeps your home directory safe from network computer hackers by encrypting your data every startup. iMagicSho also comes with a new security update manager that makes sure you have all the latest bug patches so your system is never vulnerable.


iMagicSho comes with all the latest software, and this time its all built into the system repositories, so whenever you run an update, even preloaded third party proprietary software gets upgraded. Pre-installed applications include popular titles such as Google Chrome, Google Earth, Picasa, Skype, SongBird, Firefox 3.6, VLC Media Player, OpenOffice 3.2, Thunderbird, FileZilla, DropBox, and more.*

iMagicSho is even more compatible with the files you like to use and the websites you like to visit, supporting DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, and MP3 decoding, as well as Flash, Java, and more all out of the box, so you can open and edit Microsoft Office 2007 documents play your favorite music, and watch videos. Do it your way.

iMagicSho can run Windows programs out of the box by utilizing WINE. Just download and run your programs and games. You can see a full compatibility list here.

iMagicSho now comes with superior driver support, due to two years of update compilation, since our last base of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, so you'll never be stuck with a dead wireless card or monitor again, and your Bluetooth devices will work out of the box.

* Commercial and proprietary applications including Google Earth, Skype, DropBox, Songbird and others require you to agree to a proprietary license before allowing you to run the software.



Get iMagicSho for $49.99!